All That Jazz

The time has come… the long awaited post that nobody wants to read because I never shut up about it anyways…


Jazz and I the first day we met, still at the shelter.


She is a domestic short hair, all black, and she is 4 months old and 4 1/2 pounds and I love her.  I named her Jazz, or lil J for short (which is actually longer than Jazz, but whatever).  Her original name from the shelter was JoJo, which I really liked, but I soon realized that JoJo is actually the name of my ex, but twice, so I did not like it anymore.  So it goes.

Anyways, I’ve had her for over a week now.  I waited to post about her because there were a few days last week when she was really sick, and I didn’t want to write about her and tell the internet if she wasn’t going to make it.  She had a cold, so the vet gave me some antibiotics, which made her throw up all her food.  So not only was my cat sneezing, she was also barfing and not eating anything.  I was really worried, especially because she is so young.  But I stopped giving her the antibiotics, and now she is back to normal (except for a few sniffles).


She loves a good tummy rub.  But who doesn’t?

Now that she’s feeling back to normal and becoming more comfortable in her new home, her personality is beginning to show.  She loves to be held, and since I can pick her up and cradle her in one arm, I will often walk about my apartment doing my own thing while she’s perched on my hip in my arm.  She follows me around my little apartment, even when I go to the bathroom (she does not like to be locked out of the bathroom, and will sit by the door until I come back).  She tried to make a home for herself under my bed, sitting on top of my suitcases, but once I found a new storage spot for those, she no longer likes it under there.

Having a cat around has been really good for my mental health.  Living alone has been pretty challenging, especially now that I am no longer in a relationship, and it feels really nice to be able to come home to someone who needs me.  Even if she just needs me for food.  But she and I will be together for a very long time.  Since cats can live up to 16-17 years, she could be alive for my kids to meet, which is a really weird thought.  But right now, she’s the only kid I want, don’t worry!


The cat in the hat!

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