I painted this for someone, and I really wish I had a second copy of my own because it took me WEEKS to complete (I was pretty busy with school, too).  I was so proud of all the detail work, especially in the section on the right.  The painting is a compilation of 13 different … Continue reading Album Art Compilation


Album Art Compilation

Murses, RompHims, and DudeRobes, Oh My!

Remember when man buns first started to make appearances in the earlier years of the twenty-first century?  Chris Hemsworth, Jared Leto, and Kit Harrington were PIONEERS of this illustriously sexy hairstyle, trend setting for millions of young, manly hipsters who dared to grow their hair past their shoulders... Just kidding.  This is false.  Men have … Continue reading Murses, RompHims, and DudeRobes, Oh My!